LapVR™ Surgical Simulator

Risk-Free Training in a Realistic Environment

With the LapVR, learners are immersed in the most realistic skills training environment available. LapVR gives learners the opportunity to develop proficiency in techniques such as suturing, knot tying and loop ligation as well as some frequently performed laparascopic surgeries like gall bladder removal and tubal occlusion for risk-free learning before they touch their first patient. The superior force feedback provides accurate tactile, visual and audio responses to mimic the feel of real procedures.

LapVR features an advanced modular curriculum derived from actual patient data. Unlike other simulators, LapVR permits the upload of supplemental multimedia content to enrich the learner’s experience. The simulator supports setup for individuals or groups, and easy course planning. Administrators may easily customize case parameters to match each learner’s performance level. At the conclusion of each case, learners are debriefed with evidence-based metrics and outcome measurements. The recorded metrics and post-case debriefing provide analytical feedback for continuous trainee development.

LapVR Surgical Simulator

Immerse yourself in simulated laparoscopic training procedures and essential skills tasks.

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