PATIENT SIMULATION - Human Patient Simulator (HPS)


The HPS Human Patient Simulator is the gold standard patient simulator for healthcare and with true oxygen and CO2 gas exchange, the HPS is the only simulator that truly breathes. Designed specifically with anesthesia, respiratory and critical care programs in mind, the HPS's patented cardiovascular, respiratory, neurological and pharmacological modeling and exceptional lung mechanics accurately represent complex surgical, critical care and drug interaction scenarios. The HPS is unrivaled in its physiology & realism, and its ability to interface with real patient monitors make it the go-to choice for healthcare and simulation institutions

There is no alternative for us. With the types of simulation we do at Sinai, we would not feel comfortable or be capable of creating them with any simulator other than an HPS. It immediately lends the fidelity we need.” Adam I. Levine, MD Professor, Anesthesiology Program Director, ASA Endorsed HELPS Simulation Program Mount Sinai School of Medicine New York, New York


The PediaSim HPS delivers the advanced features of the HPS in a pediatric-sized manikin. The only pediatric simulator with true gas exchange for anesthesia and respiratory therapy, the PediaSim HPS can be purchased as a plug-and-play addition to your HPS system.


The latest version of HPS features 50 new preprogrammed Simulated Clinical Experiences (SCEs) for anesthesia, obstetrics, allied health and advanced cardiac life support. HPS also integrates with CAE learning modules for anesthesia, respiratory care and emergency medicine. Each learning module contains evidence-based training scenarios designed to immerse learners in a clinical environment. The scenarios include learning objectives, facilitator’s notes, equipment and supply list and software application.


Operating the HPS is simple with the Müse interface. The dashboard features a patient image, conditions and medications, streaming data from clinical monitors, a menu of Simulated Clinical Experiences (SCEs) and a timeline. The patient’s physiology and SCE can be preset so an instructor can focus on teaching.

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