Immersive 3D Technology

- Immersive 3D technology has been shown to increase student learning, retention, and spatial reasoning
- Students have a strong preference for visual and kinesthetic learning
- Student interest level increases significantly with 3D imagery
- Visual presentations enable students to understand greater levels of complexity
- 85% of students feel strongly that 3D has improved their learning experience

- Interactivity is vital to the learning experience, especially when complex spatial relationships are involved
- Pupils have a strong preference for visual and kinesthetic learning, with 85% of pupils preferring seeing and doing
- Students can use Cyber Science 3D® for interactive learning using guided sessions or independent investigation
- Cyber Science 3D® runs on interactive whiteboards, conventional or touch screen computers, and over the web
- Students can prepare custom presentations for classroom recitation

Blended Learning

1. Education program where students learn in part through online delivery of content and instruction: see Blended Learning (Staker / Horn – May 2012)
2. One critical part of the definition of blended learning is that it involves “some element of student control of time, place, path, and/or pace.” Each dimension:
a) Time: Learning is no longer restricted to the school day or the school year.
b) Place: Learning is no longer restricted to the walls of the classroom.
c) Path: Learning is no longer restricted to the pedagogy used by the teacher.
- Interactive and adaptive software allows students to learn in a method that is customized to their needs
d) Pace: Learning is no longer restricted to the pace of an entire classroom of students.
3. Content includes traditional text, interactive software and video resources aligned to standards

Game-Based Learning

- Games can be designed to meet specific educational purposes or they can have incidental or secondary educational value for students and or teachers.
- Cognitive, Social, Behavioral, and/or Emotional dimensions are being added to games to help create better students or citizens.
- Games often utilize a narrative theme to engage players in learning that motivates students and rewards specific behaviors, like meeting certain goals.
- Social gaming has been very popular, as players can play together while interacting over Skype or other online networking services.
- Feedback comes in many forms: visual, auditory, textual, progress charts, etc.
- The reset button allows players to “start over” whenever they get in trouble.
- Cyber Science 3D includes a robust gaming engine, and has been successfully used as a gaming platform.

Gesture-Based Interaction

- New technologies, such as the holographic Z Space Device, Leap Motion hardware, and the Wii Connect, allow users to control virtual objects with system-detected gestures rather than mouse or touch controls
- Research shows that this form of interaction raise a learner’s spatial awareness of the content, using mental triggers referred to as “cognitive levers”
- These “cognitive levers” hold great potential for dramatic increases in retention and spatial reasoning
- Cyber Science 3D provides cross-platform support for gesture-based interaction



• Sun
• Mercury
• Venus
• Earth
• Moon
• Mars
• Jupiter
• Saturn
• Uranus
• NeptunePluto


• Cactus
• Corn
• Cotton
• Dicot
• Fern
• Geranium
• Ginkgo Tree
• Mushroom
• Orchid
• Pinecone
• Plant Cell
• Seed
• Sponge
• Wheat


• Atom Sandboxt
• Moleculest
• Periodic Tablet
• Quantum Shellst


• Aquifer
• Cave
• Geyser
• Glacier
• Photosynthesis
• Volcano
• Water Cycle


• Alveoli
• Blood Vessel
• Bone Cross Section
• Brain
• Cervical Vertebrae
• Digestive System
• Ear
• Egg
• Eye
• Eye Gross Section
• Female Pelvis
• HeartHuman Cell
• Intro Human
• Lower Limb
• Muscle Cross Section
• Nephrom
• Nerve
• Nerve Cell
• Ovarian Cycle
• Red Blood Cell
• Respiratory System
• Skeleton
• Skin
• Skull
• Sperm
• Synapse
• Teeth & Gums
• Tooth
• Upper Limb
• Urinary System
• Uterus


• Auto Transimission
• Bloodhound Vehicle
• Car Battery
• Car Chassis
• Car Differential
• DC Motor
• Diesel Engine
• Hydrogen Fuel Cell
• Manual Transmission
• Steam Trap
• Turbine Engine
• V8 Engine
• Wind Turbine


• Amoeba
• Bacillus
• Bird Flu Virus
• Bordetella Pertussis
• C. Botulinum
• C. Diphtheriae
• Chromosome
• Coronavirus
• E. Phage T4
• Echovirus
• Escherichia Coli
• F. Nucleatum
• Halteria
• Helicobacter Pylori
• Herpes
• K. Pneumoni
• Karyotype
• L. Pneumophila
• M. Tuberculosis
• Nomega Virus
• Osteocyte
• S. Epidermis
• Tapeworm


• Allosaurus
• Diplodocus
• Human Evolution
• Mammoth
• Pterosaur
• Triceratops
• Trilobite
• T-Rex


• Adult Pig
• Butterfly
• Cat
• Cow
• Deer
• Dolphin
• Earthworm
• Fetal Pig
• Fly
• Frog
• Frog Evolution
• German Shephard
• Horse
• Jellyfish
• Kudu Skeleton
• Lobster
• Mahi Mahi
• Mosquito
• Owl Pellet
• Rat
• Rhino Beetle
• Screech Owl
• Sponge
• Starfish
• Strombus Gigas
• Tarantula
• Termite Life Cycle

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