• our customers know that…

  • we are…


    Our word is our commitment and we fulfill our commitments
    by any means necessary. We value the cooperation based
    on mutual trust therefore we put all our potential in order not
    to frustrate that trust. Our customerspriority is our own priority
    and we will keep on working hard accordingly.

  • we bond like a…


    Our members inspire each other. We know that consulting
    is the path to achieve our targets. We value our experiences
    and care the feeling of loyalty.

  • we care…


    Our staff is our assurance of reaching the target.
    We care to improve ourselves, we learn together,
    gain together.

    We build our future together.

  • we believe in…


    Continuity of success is achievable not only with a team
    that is sharing the synergy but also with a team that

    We help each other.

  • we focus on…


    We are motivated and committed. We have self-confidence
    and work in discipline. We create solutions that will lead
    us to success.

  • we follow…


    We improve ourselves. We are dedicated to learn.
    We adapt to new conditions and implement innovations
    to our way of making business.

    Innovations rules our business.


Teknik ve Tıbbi Malzeme San ve Tic A.Ş.

BERTAŞ A.Ş has been in the healthcare sector since 1987, established in Istanbul, Turkey.

In the early years, Bertas was marketing&selling capital medical equipment for the sterilization and disinfection departments of the hospitals. Over the years, turn key central sterilization departments for the hospitals, big scale gas and steam sterilization systems for the medical disposable manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies were the growth areas of Bertas.

By the beginning of year 2005, Bertas extended its products and solution to the patient monitorization, anesthesiology, cardiology and respiratory care.

Today, Bertas is specialized in the marketing and selling of sterilization solutions with its dedicated after sales services. In addition to that, Bertas is specialized in healthcare education and patient safety by supplying individual or turn-key solutions for medical and surgical simulation. The scope of the services in this field can be listed as follows;

- Providing curriculum and instructional design,

- Providing architectural design and design review,

- Providing the necessary infrastructure for the healthcare simulation centers,

- Supplying task trainers, medical and surgical simulators, medical devices, equipment and utilities necessary for the healthcare simulation centers,

- Designing and supplying the audiovisual recording and capturing for the management of the healthcare simulation centers,

- Supply of the learning modules for the trainers and train the trainee programs,

- Assisting to provide the necessary finance for the sizable healthcare simulation centers, Project Management,

- Technical Support for the healthcare simulation centers,

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