Why a clinical skills manikin?

Simulation-based training to improve competence and confidence

Consistent Learning

Ensure consistency of training among learners and within your program

Effective Preparation

Practice skills and procedures without reliance on limited clinical opportunities

Access and Availability

Accelerate mastery of fundamental nursing skills for assessment

Improved Competency

Allow learners time to practice critical thinking and prioritizing skills

Two-in-one platform

Fully converts to a male with chest skin, genitalia and wig kit included.

Real fluid administration

Juno allows more realistic training for irrigation of the eyes and ears, NGT placement for lavage and gavage, trach care and suctioning, urinary catheterization placement, irrigation of ostomy sites,enema procedure and IM and sub-cutaneous injections and IV placement.

Vital signs monitoring

ECG lead placement and rhythm generation, B/P, audible heart rate with pulses, respiratory rate via audible lung sounds. Option to include simulated patient monitor.

Respiratory care and maintenance

Nasal trumpet and endotracheal tube placement. Tracheostomy site with pulmonary reservoirs for suctioning

Women’s care and wound care

Optional kits available for extended post-operative, post-labor or wound care

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