PATIENT SIMULATION - Fidelis Lucina - Meternity Simulator

CAE Fidelis™ Lucina childbirth simulator

Realistic And Reliable Childbirth Simulation With No Downtime

The CAE Fidelis Lucina Maternal Fetal Simulator was developed for clinicians and interprofessional teams who manage normal deliveries as well as childbirth complications and obstetrical emergencies. The birthing simulator offers reliable, realistic training for childbirth maneuvers and emergency response when time is short and teamwork is essential.

Developed in partnership with leading educators and biomedical engineers, Lucina is the only childbirth simulator with validated maternal-fetal physiology. The physiological modeling allows learners to monitor and manage both patients without instructor intervention.

CAE Fidelis™ Lucina childbirth simulator

For all the stages of labor and delivery, you can count on the wireless CAE Fidelis™ Lucina childbirth simulator.

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